Documentary Film about the Fatima Prophecies to be Released Online October 13th

September 28, 2018
Source: District of Canada

An insightful new feature documentary film about the Fatima prophecies, and the spiritual battle of our times.

THE VATICAN DECEPTION is a diligent examination of evidence regarding the prophetic warnings of Fatima, and the spiritual battle of our times. It faithfully explains both sides of the conflict, and presents the evidence in a narrated storyline that is engaging and insightful for both novice and expert. Ideally suited to provide modern Catholics with a solid understanding of the Church’s modernization and why She now finds Herself in a grave state of crisis. The film ignites meaningful discussions among Catholics about their faith and what it truly means to be Catholic.

Available Online October 13, 2018

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Support the online release by pre-ordering your viewing now for $4.99US, and by campaigning for others to do the same. A substantial percentage of the film's profits will be donated to the SSPX, and additional funds will also be donated to initiatives and organizations dedicated to preserving the Traditional Catholic faith.