November 2015 - District Superior's Letter

The gates of hell will not prevail


The gates of hell will not prevail

The Synod: doctrinal or pastoral?

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The Synod on the Family is not so much a doctrinal synod as a pastoral synod, as was the case with the Second Vatican Council,” declared Archbishop Bruno Forte, Special Relator of the Synod on the Family, at a press conference on October 5.

Indissolubility revisited: video on Family Synod

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The question of marriage and the family is at the heart of the concerns of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops: this is a good opportunity to remember that indissolubility is one of the essential properties of marriage.

One husband and one wife for their whole life: this indissolubility is a good for the spouses themselves, but also for their children and for the entire Church.

Watch DICI's first video in this series: What is a Synod?


Rosary procession for Synod at St. Mary's, Kansas

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The Assumption Chapel at St. Mary's, Kansas hosted a Rosary Procession in honor of Our Lady, calling all to hear the SSPX's request for prayers and sacrifices during the Synod on the Family.

Join the SSPX in its prayers and penance for the family!

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