Exposition of St. Peter's relics

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The relics of St. Peter, Apostle and the First Pope, will be exposed in Rome for the conclusion of the Year of the Faith.

Can priestly celibacy be disputed?

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Is priestly celibacy merely a discipline or a doctrinal matter? The newly-appointed Secretary of State, Archbishop Parolin, asserts that this can be disputed.

Some positive points in Lumen Fidei

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While Lumen Fidei certainly promotes subjectivism and is ambiguous about faith and charity in general, nonetheless, there are some good points to be gleaned from this papal document.

2013 World Youth Day: report by DICI

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Some news from DICI about the World Day of Youth held in Rio de Janeiro.

Sharp worldwide decline in fertility rates

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The world’s population is at an all-time high. It is exceeding 7 billion. Since 1914 the world population increased by 5 billion rising from less than 2 billion in 1914. And this despite the fact that fertility rates have plummeted in many parts of the world, including China, Japan and even significant regions of India over the past thirty years.

Echos of Econe from 25 years ago

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Just 25 years ago, these words of Archbishop Lefebvre resonated throughout the Alpine surroundings at the seminary of Econe. This testament of the Standard Bearer of Tradition continues to echo in our own day, as the Society of St. Pius X continues in carrying out the apostolic work he founded.

Archbishop Lefebvre: a documentary

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A video documentary on the life of Archbishop Lefebvre, a bishop who had a profound impact upon the Roman Catholic Church.

Loyola High School loses religious freedom case

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The Catholic private Loyola High School, Montreal is considering petitioning the Supreme Court of Canada, after the Quebec Court of Appeal issued a decision obliging it to teach a state-imposed Ethics and Religious Culture course (ERC) at odds with Catholic teaching.

Are public schools neutral?

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This is the great drama of the public school system. God is de facto out of the picture. A Washington and Lincoln are real persons. Whereas for God, well too bad! A God of so little importance is not worth the bother and can never be regarded seriously as the Creator of heaven and earth by an average student...