Retreat Testimonials

When you attend a spiritual Retreat in one of our Retreat Centers the experience will be truly unique and personal. Below are some comments from past retreatants.

"This has been my first Ignatian Retreat. It has been an experience like no other for me.  I am certain that the information, understanding, and graces I have received on this retreat will prove incredibly beneficial as I enter my first year in a secular college this fall."

— Cheryl S.

"Wish I had done this first retreat ten years ago. One of the best experiences of my life, and certainly, the best spiritual experience."

— John M.

"This was a turning point, a catalyst. Though a couple of times I struggled with temptations, to feel regret for coming here. I recall that the most effective medicine is also normally the least pleasing to the taste."

— Paul K.

"I’ve been hearing about the retreats for years and always had that dread, but also a strong desire to go on one. I heard that it would be the hardest but turned out to be the best week of my life! So true! I feel so blessed as to have been given the opportunity to finally find Our Lord, and to have been armed with the tools to go out into the world and continue growing in my Faith."

— Guy R.

"Before this Retreat I was living the rock n’roll dream, and glorifying the lifestyle involved.  I have always been Catholic since birth, and at one point practiced semi-devoutly. But even at the peak of my spiritual life, I never appreciated the Catholic Faith for what it is. Hell was a simple word, and God… well, He was simply the Being I was raised to believe in and adore. This Retreat has taught me more in a week than my whole previous life to this point, and I thank God for the opportunity, as well as the Priests who, together with the Grace of God, have preached in such a way as to impress such a hardened soul."

— Sylvie C.

"Having visited this retreat house over the past twenty years, I’m still amazed at the graces I find here. Every retreat seems as necessary as the one before, and God never fails to say what we need to hear most. No matter who the priests are, no matter which type, a retreat seems just the medicine we need for our cure."

— Rosalie C.