District Newsletter

February 2010 - District Superior's Letter

January 03, 2010
Almsgiving is an integral part of Lent which extinguishes sins and detaches us from the goods of this world. Those who give alms will be blessed; those who give not will be punished. We cannot excuse ourselves from giving alms. The father of many children must offer up more prayers to God, he has more faults to atone for, more consciences to purify, more souls to set free. Let us reflect upon this obligation of giving alms.

November 2009 - District Superior's Letter

November 01, 2009
Prayer for the dead has a biblical origin. Christian tradition also supports prayers for the dead. The purpose of the various prayers for the faithful departed is to pray for their repose, to comfort the living, and to remind those still living of their own mortality. There is much activity in the Canadian Society schools. BC priory moves from Vernon to Langley,

February 2009 - District Superior's Letter

February 01, 2009
The lifting of the excommunications and the excitement following Bishop Williamson’s interview with the Swedish television are perhaps the two topics that have filled the most pages of the newspapers this past month. More than one month later we’ll take the time to evaluate the question.

October 2008 - District Superior's Letter

October 01, 2008
Father Wegner named district superior of Canada. After his arrival in Canada, he has begun a visit of the district. In his first letter he explains the purpose of our existence, namely, to prepare ourselves by holiness of life for eternal happiness with God.

August 2008 - District Superior's Letter

August 01, 2008
After two years as district superior Father Rostand will be moved to the United States as its district superior. He will be replaced by Father Wegner. Before taking his leave he relates all the changes and nominations in the canadian district.

June 2008 - District Superior's Letter

June 01, 2008
The Motu Proprio has declared that the Tridentine Mass was never abrogated and that all priests may celebrate this mass. In response, the Society has sent out a brochure to all 7000 canadian priests which explains the Motu Proprio and proposes that they order a DVD permitting them to learn to celebrate the Tridentine Mass. The effects of the Motu Proprio are discussed.

April 2008 - District Superior's Letter

April 01, 2008
Quebec's 400th anniversary is the 400th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Canada. Holy Family School is hosting a day of commemoration of this important celebration June 24th, the feast of St. John the Baptist.

February 2008 - District Superior's Letter

February 02, 2008
During this lent, let us take up the Cross. The christian life is a life of sacrifice. The spirit of the Cross is opposed to the spirit of the world which shuns sacrifice and mortification in favor of egotism and indulgence. Let us reflect upon the necessity of the Cross in christian life.

February 2008 - District Superior's Letter

February 01, 2008
Reproduction of an appeal sent from Father Gendron to Father Rostand requesting urgent aid for Zimbabwe.

October 2007 - District Superior's Letter

October 01, 2007
During this month of October let us reflect that Our Lady is the victory of God. Please pray your Rosary well. Next month is the month of the poor souls and so mass envelopes will be placed upon our altars for this intention. Please donate to our schools in Wilmot and Levis who need urgent aid.