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Fatima Centenary marked by Pilgrim Virgin visit to British Columbia

July 13, 2017

Our Lady's Pilgrim Statue visit to British Columbia brings many graces

On Friday, June 23 the American Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima arrived in Langley, BC. Fr Morgan labeled her trailer as more of a carriage - fitting to transport the Queen of Heaven. This was also the feast of the Sacred Heart and a providential occasion to celebrate both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary – that which the Fatima message promotes so well.

Even in our small parish, there was a sizebale crowd to welcome Our Lady and shower her with flowers. On Sunday, the whole parish and many visitors processed with the statue out to the main road and in very Canadian fashion, around a nearby Tim Horton's and back to the church. Two of our Polish parishioners had created a beautiful garland of roses and lilies around the pedestal of the statue so that Our Lady would be more honoured in public.

After a week of well-attended Masses, rosaries and devotions to Our Lady, we bade her statue farewell so that she could make a week's journey to the Nanaimo parish on Vancouver Island. Upon her return on Saturday, July 8th, the statue was taken to the nearby town of Chilliwack to join a public rosary in the town square. There was much interest in both and many rosaries and Fatima pamphlets were distributed and questions answered.

Another providential occurrence was the enrollment in the Militia Immaculata on the last day of Our Lady's stay at Christ the King Church. Not only many parishioners, but also many instructed newcomers made their pledge in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It was very edifying to see our Polish parishioners so active in honouring Our Lady with flowers, encouraging visitors and by singing a Polish song to Our Lady at her departure. We know that many graces will come of this visit, including an increase in parishioners.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!