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Canoe Venture 2015

July 06 till July 11, 2015
French River, ON

Back to the French River!

Price: $300 per participant
Ages: 14+

This is the sixth Canoe Venture held in the wild Ontario wilderness. A good book could be written regarding our experiences until now, as we battled with the forces of nature in some of the most scenic waterways Ontario has to offer! Each trip has been a real adventure for us, challenging our abilities and endurance, and providing for us memories and experiences which we will never forget.

This year we are heading back to our beloved French River: rugged and rocky waterways, with fluctuating rapids and waterfalls, history, beauty and!!

In order to register for this camp, please fill in the Registration Form on the brochure, and send with your deposit to the address given. The price is the same as for last year: $300 per camper. For more information, contact Father Dominic May 519-634-4932 or [email protected]

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